Managed Security

Introducing our Managed Security Services, a new way to fullfill your IT and Security needs.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought an increase in cyber attacks. The threat landscape has changed exponentially.

In the coming months we will be rolling out our new managed security stack that will encompass a multi-tiered offering to ensure our customers are armed with the layers of defense needed to mitigate risk.


Our solution reduces the attack surface by discovering and prioritizing risky OS and software misconfigurations and facilitating continuous security posture improvements. We provide an advanced combination of Antivirus/Antimalware so you only need one security solution, mitigating security breaches, simplifying deployments and reducing expenses. Our solution has perfected Machine Learning algorithms to block elusive new threats with minimum false positives and protects against unknown exploits by identifying and blocking specific exploit techniques in memory that are used to hijack legitimate applications. We monitor running processes for signs of malicious behavior and can detect and block attacks and malware that eluded other security layers. We detect and can block network attacks such as Brute Force, Password Stealers, Network Exploits and lateral movements. Let us help you block known phishing or other malicious websites and scan to identify potential threats.


Use an automated email phishing protection, detection and incident response module that eliminates the need for highly trained security analysts to manually deal with every email phishing threat, while reducing the time from phishing detection to remediation from weeks or months to just seconds. Our Email Security collects email threat data and alerts from different sources, where incident analysis and triage can be performed automatically leveraging a combination of human and machine power to help define, prioritize and drive standardized incident response activities according to a standard workflow, making it quick and easy for security analysts to classify reported email incidents.


Incredibly Cost-Effective Cloud Storage for Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR). We fundamentally transform cloud storage with the industry’s most affordable and highest-performing storage solution. Leading backup vendors recommend cloud storage as a simple and inexpensive alternative to using physical media or a secondary data center for disaster recovery. You can back up data remotely without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a separate DR site or the hassles and delays of shipping tapes offsite.


A password manager helps organizations to quickly and easily eliminate security issues caused by poor password habits, enabling them to secure every account with one, simple login. The password manager does the work of creating, remembering, and filling in passwords. Simply log into an online account for the first time and the password manager will store your username and password so every time you go back your credentials will be filled in automatically.

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